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IBN Optics manual meeting was hold on January 10th

Blink of an eye the busy 2016 has passed, the hopeful 2017 is coming to us. In the new year, We are pregnant with new goals and hopes, full of new passion and dreams! Shenzhen IBN Optics Co., Ltd 2016 annual meeting was held on January 10, 2017, the company gathered all the staff to say goodbye to the remarkable achievements in 2016, and to look forward to 2017!



The annual event is full of passion, warm and active atmosphere. First, by the general manager of the company, she said: "2016 is the revolution year of Shenzhen IBN Optics Co., Ltd , we have 'two starting points, four keys', we have the ability as well as the courage to fight for our career! '2 starting point' are: customer-centric; team as the center. '4 key' are: grasping publicity, grasping products, grasping services, to attract the customer's heart! The development of next 10 years is to see the achievement of 2017, Hopefully, brothers and sisters come up with passion and energy, for our future struggle!



At the annual meeting, corporate departments have brought in various forms: dance, singing, comedy, games and so on. These not only bring you laughter but also make our heart closer. With the lottery drawing, The climax of the annual meeting is constantly being lifted.



The brilliant 2016 passed, 2017 quietly coming is full of hope and challenge. In the past year we were happy, hard, harvested, and lost, in the face of 2017, full of longing, passion and dreams, the better products are waited for us to develop, the greater market are waited for us to conquer, more spectacular business are waited for us to write! With confidence and courage, strutting, Let us prove a more brilliant future together