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Notification of the Chinese New Year Vacation

Dear Friends


We are really appreciate your great support to us in 2017, In the Spring Festival approaching, Shenzhen IBN Optics all the staff wish you a happy new year.


According to our specific situation, now the 2017 Spring Festival holiday notification is as the following:


First, Vacation Time                                                                                                                                         


1, 2017.01.21~2017.02.06 all staffs are taking vacation

2, 2017.02.06 returned to work, we are ready to supply what you need


Second, Matters Need Attention                                                                                                                     


The orders confirmed with us before 2017.01.10 could be sent out before Vacation

The orders after 2017.01.10 would be sent out after Vacation, During the vacation, to bring you any inconvenience, pls understand. If anything urgent, pls feel free contact with us in advance.


Thanks for your support and cooperation again.





                                          Shenzhen IBN Optics Co., Ltd