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the 2nd China Optical Communications Online Exhibition will be held on May 24-25, 2017

Globally, with the arrival of large data and 4G era, the entire optical communications industry are moving in a positive direction, especially in the backbone of high-speed optical communication and FTTX and other segments of the rapid growth, showing a booming sales situation. How to get more customer orders, take the momentum to do large-scale, as optical communications manufacturers to consider the main problem. In this context, OFweek held the first China Optical Communications Exhibition on May 25-27, 2016, providing a low-cost, high-performance online trade platform for the optical communications industry, while providing a brand for global buyers Collection, a comprehensive information exchange platform. The exhibition will be held for three days, attracting nearly 40 industry chain exhibitors, during which various activities are brilliant: technical seminar online live, product trial application, exhibitor new conference, live video, interactive quiz and white paper download and other activities Up to dozens of games. For a period of three days, a total of 4962 visitors will visit the exhibition. The total number of views will be up to 201238. During the exhibition, the audience will actively communicate with each other. The average number of exhibitors will be 150. Access to industry enthusiastic response and wide acclaim.
The OFweek will host the 2nd China Optical Communications Online Exhibition on May 24-25, 2017. It will optimize the display and service quality on the basis of the first one, and strive to build the strongest online participation in the optical communication industry. Organizers are invited to participate in the invitation, immediately apply for exhibitors, enjoy the early bird price concessions.