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Five-day staff tourism activities on Feb 22-27th

In recent years, the company adhere to the people-oriented, the implementation of human management,organized the staffs travelling activites for many times, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the staff work, initiative and enthusiasm, increased staff's sense of belonging, so that the staff's physical and mental have been fully rest and Relax.
  February 22-27, the company organized a five-day staff tourism activities, along the way the staff laughter, the atmosphere is active, together immersed in the beautiful scenery and different national cultural life linger. Each of the attractions, we all shoot a lot of beautiful photos. The tourism, the majority of employees not only enjoy the beauty, rich amateur life, cultivate the sentiment, while feeling a lot of things. We feel that, as long as the unity, concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties, made great achievements. This greatly enhances the company's cohesion and centripetal force.
    After the end of the tour, the majority of employees fully feel the company's sincere care and encouragement, I hope the company more organizations such activities, and in the future work, put more enthusiasm, through the efforts of everyone, with more outstanding performance to return Company care.